9th June

Caring for our family

JIMAIMA Tamanisokula might have retired after a successful nursing career, yet to this day, she maintains her passion for serving others. The 61-year-old from Rifle Range, Lautoka is the matron at Pearce Home in Suva....

8th June

Beyond prison walls

For 20 odd years, Samuela Civo saw the prison as his safety net and home. He was first convicted as a 14-year-old in 1977. From that time until 1992, he escaped twice from the Naboro Maximum Prison and was slapped prison sentences for a variety of offences including theft, aggravated robbery and burglary. But those...

7th June

Turning sweat into cash

Vilimaina Rauqeuqe believes the task of improving her family’s living standard rests with her. That’s why the 54-year-old from Nadakuni village in Waimaro, Naitasiri wakes up early and accompanies her husband to the plantation every morning. Aside from her chores, Vilimaina helps her husband and does not rely on him to provide everything for the...

6th June

People | Sailina’s willing heart

Every time work seems tough and the weather at sea turns boisterous, Sailina Likuvono remembers her two children. Their faces give her strength she needs to do her work and push her to persevere in life. Last week, the 35-year-old single mother was among 18 seafarers who graduated from the Deckhand Fishing Course at the...

5th June

A change of heart

Growing up in a remote village bordering the Ba and Navosa highlands, Joeli Kubukawa’s, life seemed simple. Life was laid back and he did not understand much about the law nor the democratic concept of civic responsibility. The law was something he took for granted, until May last year. That was when he was convicted...