‘GCC is only for men’ – Naitasiri chief

The GCC consultation committee , with chiefs and villagers of Naitasiri during the consultation in Vunidawa, Naitasiri. Picture: MERI RADINIBARAVI

Naitasiri chief, the Taukei Nakorovatu and Vunivalu Waima Ratu Timoci Rokobukete, says he is strongly opposed to the notion of women and youth being represented at Great Council of Chiefs meetings.

Speaking to the GCC review team at a consultation at Vunidawa, Naitasiri on Friday, he said the name of the organisation denoted who should be in it.

“It’s not that I don’t respect our women and youths, but the name ‘Bose Levu Vakaturaga’ speaks for itself,” Ratu Timoci said.

“It means that it’s only meant for the men.

“If women have to participate, maybe we should just change the name to ‘boselevu ni turaga kei na marama’ (Great Council of Chiefs and chieftesses).

“But since it’s the ‘bose levu ni turaga’, then it means that only the men are to participate in it.”

He said it was fitting and chiefly that only men participate in the GCC meetings as the organisation was established by men.

“So this meeting is only for the male chiefs from all over Fiji.”

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