Not much has changed

Year 6 student of Navunikabi Catholic Primary School Unaisi Apolonia (front) crosses the Wainikoroiluva river with her cousin and other students after school last month. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

TWO years after The Fiji Times highlighted the risks children of Saliadrau Village in the interior of Namosi faced while crossing the Wainikoroiluva River to attend school, nothing much has changed.

Village headman Kusitino Vuate said they had been informed a bridge would be constructed but no one has told them when.

In February this year, the Japanese government signed an agreement with the Rural, Maritime and Disaster Management Minister Sakiasi Ditoka for the construction of a $248,000 60-metre suspension footbridge.

More than 200 people, including students who get up at 4am, cross the river daily. Parents have to cross the river with the children during bad weather.

Questions sent to Mr Ditoka on the issue remain unanswered.

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