Platform to connect with the Fijian diaspora

Deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica during the talanoa session with Fiji’s diaspora in Aldershot, United Kingdom. Picture: SUPPLIED

A talanoa session that included deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica and Fiji’s diaspora in Aldershot, United Kingdom, served as a platform for him to connect with and update them on the achievement and plans of the Fiji Government.

A statement from the Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives, SMEs, and Communications said a traditional welcome was accorded to Mr Kamikamica by the Fijian community.

During the session, Mr Kamikamica addressed the crowd, expressing gratitude for the warm reception and emphasising the importance of the diaspora’s contribution to Fiji’s growth and development.

He acknowledged the resilience and accomplishments of Fijians living in the United Kingdom, recognising their valuable role as ambassadors for Fiji’s rich culture, traditions, and values.

According to the statement Mr Kamikamica extended an invitation to the diaspora to actively participate in the development initiatives of Fiji and assured them that their perspectives and insights would be taken into consideration while formulating policies.

The talanoa session underscored the Government’s commitment to inclusivity, engagement, and collaboration with Fijians around the world.

The event also served as a forum for the diaspora to express their concerns, aspirations, and suggestions.

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