PM: Fiji recovers well

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, left, with New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters in Auckland, NZ. Picture: Fiji GOVERNMENT

Fiji is recovering very well, says Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka. He highlighted this, while speaking to about 500 Fijians in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday night.

Mr Rabuka was accorded a full traditional welcome ceremony by the Fijian community at Mahatma Gandhi Centre.

He said the figures and data provided by the World Bank, the IMF, and the ADB had “predicted that Fiji’s economic recovery would continue to grow in the years to come”.

“We have gone through a difficult patch, but we are fortunate to have come through when the world began its recovery,” Mr Rabuka said.

“The good news for us in Fiji, is that we are recovering very well.”

He acknowledged the remittance contribution made by the Fijian community for Fiji.

“We appreciate your contribution to Fiji’s economy very much.

“Vinaka vakalevu. We may not know how much you earn or how difficult your lives become over here, but we are grateful for your contribution.”

Apart from updating those in attendance on the Government’s development priorities, the Prime Minister also shared the successful journey of our recent national events such as the Girmit Day, the reconvening of the Great Council of Chiefs, and Ratu Sukuna Day.

He also talked about his recent visit to Samoa where he emphasised Fiji’s continuation of trying to consolidate unity in the Pacific.

Acknowledging the geo-political and socio-economic challenges, Mr Rabuka said: “We have inherited a lot from the previous government, they have promised a lot and we will have to try to keep those promises.

“We cannot solve everything overnight, but we are slowly coming to terms with the challenges we’ve inherited.”

He encouraged the Fijian community to become very good citizens and permanent residents of Aotearoa.

“Please observe the laws and regulations of this nation and be very good citizens of this country and to maintain Fiji’s good relationship with New Zealand.”

Speaking on behalf of the Fijian community, the chair of the trustees of the Fiji Girmit Foundation of New Zealand, Sam Archary, said the Prime Minister’s visit reaffirmed their commitment to working together with the Fiji Government.

“We look forward to exploring avenues for collaboration and partnership between our communities here and in Fiji,” he said.

“We are confident that this will pave the way for more enhanced co-operation and mutual understanding.”

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