Racial unity

A student dresses up as a Girmit founder during the celebration last week. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

Fine display of racial unity was seen during the Girmit Founders Day at Toko Sanatan Primary School in Tavua last week.

The first girmitiyas had arrived in the country on the Leonidas on May 14, 1879.

The Girmit Founders Day commemorates those who have worked tirelessly in building a strong foundation for their future descendants.

Students enjoyed the celebration, especially on learning more about the girmit founders and the work they’ve done in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Professor Biman Prasad was the chief guest at the celebration.

“The magnificent display of racial harmony and participation shows that we are on a course, on a journey for a new, prosperous and a united Fiji,” Prof Prasad said.

“The new Government’s philosophy about the provision of education in this country is about shared responsibility.

“We want to restore that partnership that always existed in this country.”

He said the celebration was an important milestone and that it fitted well with the Girmit Day.

During his address he shared that the restoration of the Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day and the Girmit Day as national holidays brought the two communities together and showed a shared leadership in the country.

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