Reforming key sectors a focus for Government

Acting Prime Minister and Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad during an interview with The Fiji Times. Picture: ATU RASEA

GOVERNMENT is focused on reforming key sectors of the economy.

While signing a direct funding arrangement with the Australian government in Suva on Wednesday, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Professor Biman Prasad said they were also strengthening their budget processes.

“We are focused on the key sectors of the economy in terms of reform,” he said.

“We are strengthening our budget processes.

“Government has approved the public investment infrastructure guideline.

“We are strengthening our Auditor General’s Office; we will be reviewing the Audit Act.

“We are also reviewing our Statistics Act. We believe that good data availability in a transparent and timely manner is critical for good policy decisions.

“And therefore, we are strengthening our resolve to reform those sectors.”

He said they had also put in place programs to strengthen the compliance of our revenue.

“And we want to make sure that we build institutions that support government’s strategy towards raising appropriate levels of revenue, and therefore reforms in that area are also very important.” Prof Prasad said the repealing of the Media Industry Development Act (MIDA) had also provided a sense of confidence, freedom, and exuberance across the country.

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