Resort phases out single use plastics

Australian cricketer Alex Carey and his family participate in a beach clean up with the staff from the resort. Picture: SUPPLIED

Joining the tourism industry’s environmentally conscious move, Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa is slowly phasing out the use of plastic within the resort property.

The sustainability program launched by resort this year aims to remove the use of single use plastic bottles from resort’s guest rooms and public areas.

According to the resort, since March 2023, InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa had phased out all single-use plastic bottles of bathroom amenities in guest rooms and public areas and replaced them with bulk amenities.

“Guests can still expect to access the same high-quality amenities they have come to enjoy except they will now be provided in larger refillable containers,” a statement from the resort said.

“The amenities are supplied by the award-winning, locally owned and produced Pure Fiji, which offers a range of Pure Fiji products that incorporate traditional Fijian blends and provide natural care for a discerning consumer.”

The resort also is strengthening its food waste management program.

“With up to 700 guests eating at the resort each day, there is inevitably food waste.

“To tackle this issue, the resort works with the farmers from Sanasana Village to ensure that the leftover food is collected and repurposed as feed for the piggery.”

Apart from the food management program and the removal of single-use plastic, the resort also launched its coral reefs protection initiative.

“The coral propagation program was started in collaboration with Reef Safari with the aim to rebuild reef structures by placing coral fragments on metal frames around the resort’s house reef, rejuvenating the reef and growing them over time.

“With reef structure restored, fish life will move there and in the longer term, result in the recruitment of more coral larvae to the area.”

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