SODELPA youth makes stand

SODELPA party president, Peniasi Daveta with SODELPA youths at a party AGM. Picture: FILE

SODELPA’S Youth Forum has dissociated itself from any issues concerning a letter written to the Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka expressing concerns over the unemployment of party youths.

The party’s youth president Ben Daveta has clarified they did not write any letter as highlighted in an article of The Fiji Times published May 16, 2023.

“While we cannot ascertain the origin of the letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the article infers our involvement, however, SODELPA Youth wishes to clearly state that we are unaware of this letter,” he said.

“Additionally, while SODELPA Youth are not involved in the letter, we are fully aware of the immense contribution of youth towards preparations for elections and we call for affirmative action for all youth given the limited employment opportunities for young people let alone compete with older qualified people.

“This is an opportunity for the Coalition party leaders to meet with the Coalition party youth to explore opportunities for their gainful employment and for youth empowerment initiatives.”

The letter written to Mr Rabuka expressed disappointment by youths for being unemployed even after last year’s General Elections.

It is understood that the letter came from The People’s Alliance party.

Mr Rabuka has stated that everyone would be treated equally in applying for any vacancies in Government.

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