Standing in solidarity | Students campaign for protecting the environment

Lelean Memorial School students during the road side campaign Stand up in Solidarity to Protect the Environment at Koronivia in today. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

There was a huge turnout today as more than hundred students, parents and community members gathered for the Pacific Recycling Foundation’s Roadside campaign at the Koronivia junction in Nausori.

Armed with placards, the campaigners sang songs and had special messages for motorists and commuters who were on their way to do their Saturday shopping.

Pacific Recycling Foundation founder Amitesh Deo was overwhelmed with the turnout – especially with school students being actively involved in the campaign.

“We are extremely happy with today’s turnout,” the passionate climate advocate said.

“Especially to see so many children participate. And the way they are saying their messages.

“They understand what they have written. They understand what they want to say to the world about how the world is treating the environment and the ocean.”

Mr Deo said everyone could play a significant role in protecting our environment and ocean and he believes that people can start by “holding each other accountable”.

“We can solve it together. But we still need to hold each other accountable.

“My message is to speak out when we see these things happen and start holding each other accountable.

“Start holding the government accountable. Start holding manufacturers accountable. Start holding your neighbours and everybody in our lives accountable.”

Mr Deo said the main focus today was to stand in solidarity for the environment and the ocean.

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