Student calls for clean-up initiative

Students during the World Oceans Day march in Suva on Thursday and SJSS student Latina Fatiaki. Pictures SOPHIE RALULU and ELENA VUCUKULA

SAINT Joseph’s Secondary School student Latina Fatiaki has called on Government to introduce an initiative that will compel all citizens to engage in an ongoing nationwide clean-up campaign. The Year 11 student said random clean-up campaigns — including the ones organised for Environment Week and World Oceans Day — had a little impact on the environmental problems caused by indiscriminate littering.

She was among a group of SJSS students who participated in the World Oceans Day celebration at Albert Park in Suva yesterday.

“One day a month should be set aside for cleaning where people are assigned areas to clean depending on where they live,” she said.

“We are a small island nation, but we cause so much harm to our oceans through human activities, especially the careless dumping of rubbish.”

The 16-year-old of Motusa, Rotuma, also called for the inclusion of rural schools, and rural and informal communities in events to do with the environment.

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