Youths train for emergency response

Youth participants part of the Adventure Journey program in Sigatoka. Picture: MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORTS

Emergency response skills go a long way in helping or saving a life.

This month 57 youths from Tailevu, Rewa and Naitasiri with award leaders were part of a two days adventure journey at Nasau Youth Training Centre in Sigatoka.

The two days program allowed these youths to learn basic emergency skills.

The first day activity, according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, was conducted by the Sigatoka National Fire Authority at the centre.

Those that participated in the activity were bronze level participants.

Activities that the participants learned were basic knot tying, split coil litter, and emergency medical transport with rope and how to make a sling.

The statement from the ministry said that the participants learned overhand knot and two person split coil litter where the participants learned to carry an injured team member.

The statement highlighted that if someone was slightly injured and the distance to carry was short there was a way in which the person can be carried instead of using a stretcher.

The participants were taught to use the fireman’s lift, a technique that allowed one person to carry another person without assistance.

The injured person in this case is often carried across the shoulder of the carrier.

On how to make an arm sling, the ministry said that the students were taught the technique in case someone might have an injured arm or broken arm during the adventure journey.

“The arm sling holds the forearm in a raised or horizontal position and can support an injured upper arm and wrist,” the statement said.

The participants went trekking up the Sigatoka Wind Mill on May 12 where they demonstrated the various skills they had learned.

During the hike, the youths had to stop at four stations and do practical activities.

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